All Deck Machinery And Equipment
Needed On A Ship

Gurdesan complies with ISO, DIN, BS and JIS norms in the production of all deck equipment and production process is carried out with these standards.

Gurdesan can produce all kinds of deck machinery for all types and models of ships according to the requirements of the customers and prepare projects for special applications.

Gurdesan design and production consider the crane’s endurance to heavy weather conditions and long working hours based on their operating areas besides their durability and quality throughout the processes from design to application.

The davit and crane systems are designed and produced in accordance with the rules of SOLAS, IMO, Flag State and classification society. Approvals of the customer and the classification society are the essential objectives.

Gurdesan designs and produces hatch covers for the requirement sizes for every ship type and model and suitable for heavy sea conditions.

Gurdesan designs and manufactures rudder systems for all types and sizes of vessels. The process begins with suitable rudder system selection for the customer’s vessel.

When Gurdesan established its first workshop in 1982 about 70% of its work was repair & maintenance but only 30% was machinery manufacturing until the year of 2000.

In addition to these superior services of our company provided to the shipbuilding industry, it significantly contributes into the special care required projects, mentioned below, with its advanced machining and design capabilities;


From the first application it was established, the entire foundry of the production, first class raw material, all input raw materials are tested and examined in GURDESAN, first and from the users.

In the accredited laboratory where mechanical and chemical material tests are carried out, it also meets the material test requests from the shipyards, apart from the tests related to its own production.

At every stage of production, all inputs and processes are documented with the approval of the classification society (ABS, DNV, GL, BV, RINA, RR, TL, LR) requested by the customer.


Establishing a risk management methodology for our company, our customers and suppliers, which includes identifying information assets, determining risks and taking control measures for risks, in order to comply with the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information, which are the requirements of the Information Security Management System,

Protecting the confidentiality of our customers' information, compliance with standards and legal regulations to ensure, Hardware, software, training and other necessary equipment to reduce information security risks. To provide the necessary resources to the controls and to ensure their continuity, All personnel and business partners; the necessity of a holistic approach to information security awareness raising, education and training to ensure participation and compliance with ISMS to provide incentives,


Effectively applying the ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 2004, GÜRDESAN, which adopts the principle of continuous improvement and development in its works, All production processes, including activities, in-house performs.

Production is highly advanced using advanced engineering systems performed by machines. The most important product in the products designed by Gürdesan One of the advantages is the ease of disassembly and assembly, repair and maintenance. So much so that GURDESAN 75% of the malfunctions that will occur in the equipment manufactured by can be removed by the ship's crew without being heard.

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News- 14.01.2022
Savunma Sanayii Başkanı Demir:

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STM ve Gürdesan işbirliği.
News- 23.09.2021
STM ve Gürdesan işbirliği.

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